custom built personal training

Custom Built Personal Training

Losing weight and getting in shape is something that many American’s struggle with. We all spend hundreds of dollars on healthy food and diet supplements tocustom built personal trainingin the end be disappointed by our lack of change in our appearance. On top of all of this the gym is such an over whelming place where only the meatheads truly thrive with their weight training regimen. Leaving the rest of us to feel awkward and out of place on the road to the perfect beach body. And to finally bring home the cake dieting is awful, the food tastes bad and you’re always hungry. And if by some miracle to make it past the grueling first period of your diet you are limited on when you can go out and enjoy a nice meal with your friend of loved ones. Here at Thorpe Fitness we are the premier spot for custom built personal training programs on how to get in shape easily with the best online trainer who are exercise physiologists holding a bachelors degree. We understand online strength training and aerobic training are something that can be extremely painful or a joyful experience. That’s why we strive to be the best online personal training resources specialize in weight loss, and weight training for men and women.

Online Personal Training

We hope that you choose Thorpe Fitness as your resource on how to get in shape easily with our custom built personal training programs. We believe this approach yields the best results when online fitness training is your go to option. No one wants a cookie cutter program that was made for someone else, custom is the way to go. So, contact us to discuss options!


Greg – Owner Thorpe Fitness



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